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    Intensive Programme (IP) Uppsala Monday 8 - Friday 19 August

    This programme is an intensive programme for Ph D students or advanced Master students organised by the Erasmus Network on Comparative Education. The programme is financed by the European Lifelong Learning Programme. Local organiser is the Department of Education, Uppsala University. The IP aims at analyzing and comparing the role and character of democracy, citizenship and multiculturalism in each of the partner countries as well as contextualizing these processes in the European and global contexts. The aims of the project can be summarized as follows:

    a) To increase the understanding of the complexities of citizenship and democracy in multicultural European societies due to different historical, economical and political settings in different countries.
    b) To contribute to the competence to develop democratic practices in the context of education.

    The intensive course, consisting of 11 working days, forms the core of the activities. In addition, the preparatory work in each participating institution takes before the beginning of the course including reading, essay writing, preparation of presentations and co-operation with other participating institutions. The programme consists of three modules:
    Module 1: Comparative Education - CE
    Module 2: Multiculturality - MC
    Module 3: Education for Democratic Citizenship - EDC

    Lennart Wikander
    018-471 24 50